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Need More Freelance Attorney Jobs? Sign Up to AppearMe

Are you a freelance attorney looking to grow your existing client base? No problem — sign up and get started with AppearMe. AppearMe is a […]


4 Reasons to Outsource Your Legal Research and Writing

Legal outsourcing has gained high popularity across the country as more and more lawyers and law firms seek to increase flexibility, minimize costs, and expand […]


Legal Freelancing has Never been Easier! Find One Using AppearMe!

Tried-and-true methods are the best. Lawyers have been using the AppearMe app for several years now and they know one thing, “legal freelancing has never […]


Get a Freelance Attorney to Draft a Demand Letter in Rochester

So you have to draft a demand letter and you are short of time. A familiar situation for many busy lawyers. Unlike you, most of […]


Delegate Your Legal Research or Motion Drafting Through a Mobile App

If you ever wondered how come that other lawyers manage everything and you don’t. You don’t know a simple fact. Savvy lawyers don’t perform each […]


AppearMe is Your Cloud-Based Law Firm with Thousands of Freelance Attorneys!

It’s the end of another busy day, and you look back and wonder “Where did the time go?” Most likely, you didn’t finish all your […]


Already a Freelance Attorney? Get More Freelance Tasks With Legal App

Chances are you’ve heard of AppearMe because many legal professionals already use this legal platform to get hired on the go. But did you know […]


AppearMe – Unlimited Possibilities for Freelance Attorneys

You’ve probably spent lots of time reading through job postings and filling out a bunch of applications… am I right? But still, you’re hearing nothing […]


7 Best Resources for Becoming a Freelance Lawyer

Excited about flexible work and being your own boss? Then freelancing could be it! It may seem a bit confusing at the beginning since you […]

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