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Why Do Lawyers Use AppearMe to Hire Freelance Attorneys?

Mike works in a law firm in Los Angeles. He gets up at 5 a.m. every morning and spends almost two hours responding to emails […]


Grow Your Law Practice by Taking on Freelance Research, Drafting, and Other Tasks

Many of you have heard about life coaches who promise to “unleash the power within”. Some people trust them, others think it is just a […]


A New Way to Hire a Freelance Attorney for Your Law Firm

When it comes to hiring a freelance attorney for your law firm, there is no better way than using the AppearMe app. You might be […]


AppearMe will Help you Expand your Practice through Freelance Attorneys

I’m a lawyer. I often worked 12-14 hours a day. I used to juggle between multiple tasks and found myself becoming distracted, focusing on low-priority […]


AppearMe – a Better Way to Hire Freelance Attorneys in Minneapolis

Much like every other lawyer I know, I’m a big fan of AppearMe. I love scheduling freelance attorneys in a few seconds with the app. If […]


Compete with Large Firms by Outsourcing Freelance Legal Work in Saint Paul

In the legal industry, solo practitioners and small law firms have to seek new innovative ways to compete with large firms. The stark truth is […]


Don’t Ever Turn Down a Client! AppearMe will Help With Writing a Complaint

After a summer well spent in the sun and sea, you are back to work. Obviously, you don’t want to think about emails, deadlines, and […]


Freelance Attorneys Available in Minneapolis

A lot of lawyers have chosen the path of legal freelancing. And that’s for good reason. Flexible hours, long vacations and the ability to choose […]


No Time to Draft a Complaint? Find an Attorney Who Can Help Within 60 Seconds

How do other lawyers manage everything, you may be wondering. You work eight and even ten hours a day (draft a complaint, researching, interrogating witnesses) […]


Don’t Look Elsewhere to Hire Freelance Lawyers in San Antonio

My work-life to this point is marked off in two epochs: before AppearMe and after AppearMe. For those who are unaware, AppearMe is a legal app […]

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