Text a Lawyer Directly From the AppearMe App

How do busy lawyers usually hire legal professionals? I’m sure there are as many answers to this question, as there are lawyers in need of legal help. But how can lawyers schedule attorneys on call in seconds? Using AppearMe, that’s how!

Thanks to AppearMe thousands of attorneys can submit an unlimited number of requests, hire verified legal professionals in a few seconds, text a lawyer directly from the app, and so much more.

So, if you are curious keep scrolling. Oh… and forget all of those agencies you used to contact because AppearMe is the only tool you need to hire faster and easier.


AppearMe Services – In a Nutshell

Since 2016 AppearMe has streamlined the process of hiring legal professionals. Now smart lawyers schedule court appearance lawyers, deposition attorneys, court reporters, court interpreters, freelance attorneys and refer entire cases in 60 seconds (yes, seriously) in 13 states, including Arizona, California, Nevada, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington.

Without a doubt, the potential users are verified by our team before joining AppearMe. Those with inactive license and disciplinary actions can’t become a user.

Attorneys on call are specialized in all areas of the law, including Family Law, Business/Corporate Law, Immigration, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Bankruptcy, Administrative Law.

Once you become a user you will benefit from all great services and features AppearMe offers!


Sign Up. Hire. Text a Lawyer

Can’t wait to give AppearMe a try? Then follow the steps below to create your account and enjoy the benefits of AppearMe.

  • First, download AppearMe from App Store or Google Play or simply head to www.appearme.com to create an account.
  • Fill out the required fields and click ‘Sign Up’.
  • Once you send the request for registration, AppearMe team will verify your license information.

Once verified, submit your first request. All registered legal professionals will get emails and push notifications on their mobiles about your announcement. You will be notified once one of the legal professionals accepts your request.

The cool thing about AppearMe is that you can text an attorney directly from the application. Texting a lawyer directly from AppearMe is a feature all users are comfortable with. Luckily, it’s free of charge.


Contact Us!

I’m sure your colleagues will be jealous when they see how much time and effort you save on the hiring process. So, tell them you have downloaded an awesome mobile and web application. 

You will get $40 per referral.

And if you want to learn more, contact us. Our support agents are on call for you 24/7 (even on holidays). Also, subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to get our latest updates and news.

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