Top Coworking Places for Law Firms and Individual Lawyers

The legal market offers smart solutions for lawyers that want to get the most out of their practice and not have long-term financial commitments. Shared law office space reaps the most benefits when it comes to referrals, co-counsel opportunities, and practice development. This is especially true when you don’t want to make unjustified expenses of a full-time office. In this article, we will pinpoint to some of the great could based environments where any law firm and individual lawyer will enjoy working.

Engage: Engage integrates various elements of executive suites. Lawyers can find an ideal working environment here, including amenities and resources of a top-tier law firm. But the idea is not only to create a space for working but develop exceptional opportunities for networking. Engage creates a community of partner-level peers serving different legal needs of individual lawyers.

LawWorks: Just like Engage, LawWorks is more than a meeting space. It is a community of like-minded colleagues who share and exchange experience to grow their practice. Everything from open space to private offices to conference rooms to private networking events is designed to bring a successful career to a lawyer.

FirmVO: FirmVO is exclusively made for attorneys by attorneys. It offers attorney-only law address, office, and front-line communication services. Centrally located in all major legal hubs, FirmVO allows constant access to law firms where you can enjoy the atmosphere of business and professionalism. The staff is very helpful. As one of the customers says, “You get the feeling you are at a luxury brand”.

Chisel: Chisel has all the amenities and is sensitive to the profession of a lawyer. A lot of lawyers started their career at Chisel and credit their success to this incredible friendly environment. It is an exceptional solution for small law firms and solo lawyers.

Legal Workspace: If you want your law firm to move wherever you are, Legal Workspace is a solution. Not only is your work flexible, but also you cut infrastructure and support costs. This cloud hosting service offers a cloud environment where you can import all your existing software and applications. A great solution for lawyers that are always on the move.

Davinci Virtual: Davinci Virtual offers you an office address even when you don’t have an office. You can hire live receptionists, live web chat services and finally make it your best meeting space when you don’t have an office. Don’t even expect a big price tag. Everything starts at $50.

Pacific Workplaces: Pacific Workspaces is like any virtual office. You can use a professional business address, use digital mailboxes, access live phone answering services as well as on-demand and move-in ready rooms at your convenience. As any collaborative community, Pacific Workplaces is best for attorney referrals and legal collaboration.

Law Firm Suits: According to Law Firm Suites, the workspace helps law firms to get 85% of their clients. Partly this is due to case referrals and partly due to focus more on profits than on admin. Attorneys get co-counseling opportunities without even leaving the office.

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