What is a Contract Attorney?

A contract attorney is what the phrase implies – a lawyer who works on a legal case on a contract basis. Law firms and lawyers may hire a contract attorney to do a specific job for them. Their job is normally temporary and involves specific assignments on a project-to-project basis. When the assignment is over, there is no relationship between the lawyer and the hiring law firm or attorney. Read this article if you want to know more about a contract attorney and how to find jobs as one.


What Type of Work Does a Contract Attorney Do?

The types of work a contract attorney usually does vary. They may engage in document review, legal research, draft legal briefs or perform other services as requested by the hiring law firm or legal professional.

A lawyer may want to do legal work on a contract basis for various reasons. He may be retired, may be holding Juris doctor degrees, but awaiting bar admission or just enjoys the flexible work schedule of contract lawyers.


Why Do Law Firms Hire Contract Lawyers?

Outsourcing contract lawyers have become a trend in today’s legal business. Law firms have realized that they are saving more when contracting on a project-to-project basis rather than hiring full-time employees.

They also gain access to a pool of new talents. Contract lawyers are normally professionals in specific fields of practice, and they can bring their expertise to the law firm which would otherwise not be available through full-time employees.

Outsourcing also gives a chance for a lot of small firms to grow their business without the need to hire salaried employees.


Court Appearance As a Contract Job and How to Find Jobs

One of the most common types of legal contract services is court coverage when a court appearance lawyer appears to a court on behalf of an attorney of record. A lot of lawyers can’t handle all court appearances because of conflicting dates, short deadlines or heavy workload. They prefer contracting other legal professionals to do the job they cannot make.

The big issue you may have is where to find contract jobs. You are one of the lucky lawyers reading this article. Yes, it’s again about technology! Now you can find contract jobs using high tech. A special appearance application, AppearMe, is in the market for a couple of years and connects thousands of lawyers in a huge network. 

You can find court appearance jobs, deposition jobs and receive entire cases! The application has become a pocket tool for thousands of attorneys in 13 states. They keep on receiving dozens of push notifications and emails in a day and accept offers if they want.

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