7 Facts You Should Know About Court Appearance Attorneys at AppearMe

Ever needed a court appearance attorney? Perhaps you did as no lawyer can handle all the workflow without a contract attorney. Court appearances take place when an attorney of record asks another lawyer to appear to a hearing he/she cannot attend. It is a big help at times, especially in emergencies. Here is what you should know about court appearance attorneys using AppearMe portal.


Court Appearance Attorneys Are Competent in Broad Areas of Practice

When you hire a court appearance professional through AppearMe, you get access to specialized expertise in family law, bankruptcy law, immigration law, civil, criminal law and more. Court appearance lawyers are competent in a wide area of practice, and often you need their expertise when you cannot cover the hearing yourself.


Licensed and With Good Disciplinary Standing

Court coverage professionals must be licensed when registering with AppearMe. They do the ad hoc court coverage because they have other businesses or just like the flexible schedule. They shouldn’t have any disciplinary actions against them and should be eligible to practice law. AppearMe checks the lawyers’ disciplinary history via the State Bar Association website.



When you hire an attorney on call via AppearMe, you have access to the legal professionals on the phone or by email. It means you can settle any issues beforehand. Clear and concise instructions to the legal practitioners is a big help in their job. You can do that right on the portal.


Share a Commitment to Excellence

When signing up to the portal, the appearance lawyers commit to the excellence of professional conduct. Their motivation is to do a decent job and submit a brief report once they close the assignment. Only then they will receive their earning.


Motivated to Act Fast

Lawyers on call know they will receive the assignment only if they are the first lawyer to respond. Because of this functionality, they act immediately after the attorney of record posts the job offer. It makes AppearMe the fastest legal tool in the market with incredible benefits especially at times of emergencies.


Transparent and Predictable

These legal practitioners follow transparent and predictable rules. When you join the application, you know exactly what to expect and how you are going to use the software and why. It makes the whole transaction with the lawyer predictable without any surprises.

At this point, we encourage you to sign up to AppearMe to have access to this incredibly useful tool. Our team is always ready to assist you in any matter. Please call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]

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