Find an Attorney on Demand With Little Effort

Finding an attorney on demand may be troublesome if you are one of those lawyers who don’t take advantage of technology. If you are, you are missing something that puts other lawyers in a superior position. 

Today the market is full of legal apps. Machines are performing virtually any task. The field of legal hiring has not stayed untouched. In this article, we are going to talk about a high-tech solution that has disrupted the old modes of legal hiring. Be ready to change the way you used to hire legal professionals and most importantly get hired! 


Attorney on Demand: Use Mobile and Web Application (iOS and Android)

Gone are those days when you had to make dozens of phone calls to find a freelance attorney. Now you can use the mobile and web application to locate an attorney on demand, deposition attorney, court reporter, interpreter and even refer entire cases and get case referrals! We are talking about AppearMe – a mobile and web application for hiring legal professionals – an app already trusted by thousands of lawyers.

The application is free of charge. It costs nothing to join the platform. The legal professionals pay per match for each task.

All attorneys are properly vetted before joining the platform. If you are eligible to practice law according to State Bar Association and have clean disciplinary history, you can join the platform right away and start receiving court appearance offers, deposition offers and offers for freelance tasks like a summarization of records, memoing, drafting, researching – anything that an attorney can do on the side!


Fast and Easy Sign-up

It will take 2-3 minutes of your time to join the platform (FREE signup, NO subscription fees). You need to fill in a couple of fields like your name, password, state bar, etc. Once you submit the request, we will check and come back to you in a couple of hours. Simple as that! From then on, you can post job requests or accept job offers through a 100% automated application. The smart technology will guide you through the steps and help you submit requests and accept offers.

To enjoy the benefits of this much needed legal tool, sign up today. In case of questions don’t hesitate to contact us or just read our blog and help pages. 

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