We Will Make Your Search for an Appearance Attorney Effortless

Ever had a need for a lending hand in your legal business and gone through the nuisance of finding an appearance attorney? We will make your search effortless when you register to the portal AppearMe. This web and mobile application for finding court hearing professionals is a new trend in the legal market. Thousands have already become users of the application and enjoy the easy functionalities of the portal.


In Search of Appearance Attorney? Find the One you Need Effortlessly!

Finding the lawyer you need has become easy as never before. Now you can use the web and mobile application (iOS and Android) to locate your legal practitioner. The 100% automatic portal has helped thousands in their job search and their search for legal professionals. You can also refer cases to other legal professionals and earn a referral fee.

Here is how it works. When you need you cannot cover your legal schedule anymore, you may need the help of another lawyer. Instead of calling your friends or other attorneys that you can find in legal directories, you need to spend 2-3 minutes entering data on what you need – case type and number, court name, your name, etc., simple data that you can fill in without any nuisance.

Once you do that and submit the offer, thousands of legal professionals will receive your job notification on their emails and mobiles. The first legal practitioner who commits to your offer will cover the appearance. This is the reason that lawyers act fast since they want to get the job. And because of this smart solution, the time for committal is hardly one minute.


No Advance Payments, Pay per Match

Attorneys don’t need to pay to become a member of the portal. They pay per match. They even don’t have to worry about making the payment as the system processes the payment automatically. Once the appearance lawyer submits a brief report, the amount will transfer from your bank account to the lawyer’s bank account registered with the portal.

To have a clear idea of what to expect, please read our pricing info. Don’t wait even a moment more! Please sign up and expect pleasant surprises in your attorney job!

Our 24/7 Customer Support heroes are here to help you with any inquiries or with any issue you may have.  

And please don’t forget to refer this application to your attorney friends and receive $40.


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