Attorneys on Call: Appear Anywhere in California and Nevada

There may be times when you need an attorney on call to cover a court appearance for you. We are here to help you in your search for an appearance attorney. The attorneys using the AppearMe app appear anywhere in California and Nevada. Our service is fast, reliable, easy and reasonable in monetary terms and here is why.


AppearMe Allows to Find Appearance Attorneys on Call at a Record Time

AppearMe is a web and mobile app that has revolutionized the way appearance attorneys are hired. You can find an appearance attorney at a record time of 60 seconds. It takes 2-3 minutes to upload your appearance and another 60 seconds for another attorney to commit to your appearance. Hiring an appearance attorney has never been faster than this.

The process of fully automated with the minimal manual effort. You need to upload your profile, and once you get verified, you can submit appearance requests and receive appearance requests at the next minute.


AppearMe is a Reliable Legal Tool

You can always put trust that you can find an appearance attorney once you submit a request because thousands of attorneys are already registered in the system. Your chances that one of them will commit to your request are incredibly high.

The system matches attorneys of record with the appearance attorneys just like a taxi service matches a customer and a driver for a ride.

The idea is smart and efficient, and you can get consistent results over time.


AppearMe is Easy to Use

We have made this as user-friendly as possible. It takes a couple of minutes to create your profile. Once verified you can start submitting appearance requests or receiving appearance requests.

You can receive an appearance request even 10 minutes before the court hearing. You may be stuck in a courthouse and can earn extra $60 to $150 just for handing in a missing document.


You Pay a Competitive Price for Faster Result

At a competitive price of $70, you get faster results with a record time of 60 seconds for an appearance attorney to commit to your appearance.  The prices for appearances vary according to type. For a $70 appearance, for example, the appearance attorney receives $60 with AppearMe charging a small fee of $10. For $101 to $150 appearance we charge $15 and for $151 to $200 we charge $20. For more info about our pricing, see our pricing page.

We made the portal a useful legal tool. Thousands of lawyers already gain an advantage of AppearMe using it when needed or desired. Sign up to AppearMe. You will need it in your hectic schedule.

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