How to Make Special Appearances Your Main Job

Have you ever thought you could enjoy the benefits of flexible work schedule and a steady income at the same time? Freelancing has become a modern-day reality with a lot of lawyers reluctant to work long and stressful hours in an environment which they don’t really enjoy. Flexibility is something a lot of lawyers are looking for, and we offer you an opportunity that will never harm your income. We have created a portal that will help you take as many special appearances as you can handle during a day.


Special Appearances  – A Source of Steady Income

AppearMe opens broad opportunities for lawyers who are willing to dedicate their time to freelance appearance attorney jobs. Thousands of lawyers are already registered in the states of Nevada and California, and you can be one of them.


Why are we sure that you can make a steady income with AppearMe?

This web and mobile app is for attorneys of record and appearance attorneys. Tons of jobs are posted in a day, and you can take as many assignments as you can handle during a day. Those who love flexible work hours can earn minimum $70 per appearance. For detailed information about our pricing, follow this link.

You can mark your preferred geographic areas and fields of interest in your profile. Once you specify your preferences, you will receive job notifications only in the marked fields. Alternatively, you can receive all the job notifications with a lot more chances to take up jobs during a day.

You have higher chances of getting hired as an appearance attorney than if you applied to job agencies and here is why. AppearMe is a web and mobile app that matches attorney of record with appearance attorney with minimum manual interference. It takes 2-3 minutes for an appearance attorney to submit an appearance and another 60 seconds for an appearance attorney to commit to the appearance. The system is fully automated with faster and more reliable results. Your chances of getting hired increase tenfold with AppearMe.


How Do I Get Paid?

The payment system is simple with AppearMe. You get paid once you complete the appearance and send the attorney of record a brief report. This report is the final product that the appearance attorney is expecting from you. When you click the “Close & Report” button, the appearance is considered completed and at that moment the amount, minus the processing fee, is directly deposited into your account that you have registered with us.


Am I Committed to Anything?

One thing you will love about working as an appearance attorney with AppearMe is that you are not committed to anything. There is no minimum requirement for jobs, and you can work when desired or needed.

Signing up to AppearMe is absolutely free. We don’t charge your account when you sign up. There are no hidden fees, either.

We have created a portal where attorneys of record and appearance attorney meet through a secure system.

Sign up to AppearMe for secure results!

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