Appearance Attorneys in Nevada Step in When You Can’t

Attorneys of record have a reputation of working long hours, attending an unimaginable number of court hearings and meeting tight deadlines. Many lawyers outsource some of their work for a good reason. The mere division of tasks into mandatory and less mandatory tasks makes them prioritize their work and commit to work that brings more money. Now you can outsource court appearances in Nevada. Court appearance attorney can step in when you can’t meet the deadlines, or you are overwhelmed with a heavy workload.


Find a Court Appearance Attorney in Nevada

AppearMe, a web and mobile app will help you find a court appearance attorney within minutes. Your job is to sign up to AppearMe and start submitting and receiving court appearance requests. Our promise to locate a court appearance lawyer is based on the belief that chances of finding an appearance attorney among thousands of registered lawyers in Nevada are high. We have lawyers registered in Henderson, Las Vegas, Paradise, Pasadena and elsewhere in the state of Nevada.

What is AppearMe? AppearMe is a platform that matches attorneys of record with appearance attorneys. It will take you a couple of minutes to upload your profile. Once you do that and get verified, you can start using the app without any commitments. You can request a court hearing a day and even several minutes before your court hearing.


How Can I Submit an Appearance Request?

You need to go to “create an appearance” section to make an appearance request and fill out the required fields, including case type and number, courthouse details as well as appearance date and type. Each appearance has its price, but you can bid up the value. You can attach documents by clicking the “Attach” button. Your appearance will appear in “Unmatched” section which will be changed to “Matched” once a court appearance attorney accepts your request.


Can I Cancel my Request?

Attorneys of record are not encouraged to cancel the request but if for any reason you decide to cancel your appearance you can do so but not less than 24 hours before the appearance date and time. Clear instructions to the appearance attorney will resolve any misunderstandings beforehand making your and our job more efficient.


How Much Should I Pay?

Typically, an appearance is priced $70 with $10 of the processing fee and $60 appearance attorney fee. The prices vary per appearance type. You can consult our pricing on this page.


What Type of Appearances are Covered?

Appearance attorneys using AppearMe cover civil cases, criminal cases, family law, immigration and more. The can attend arraignments, continuances, ex parte, expungement hearings, pretrials, mandatory hearings and other types of hearings.

If your workload is so heavy that you feel you cannot make it, use AppearMe. Finding an appearance attorney in Nevada has never been easier. Sign up to AppearMe and never miss a deadline!


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