Court Appearances with Contract Attorneys

Court appearances with contract attorneys have become part of the legal business. A lot of lawyers realize that it is more reasonable to hire an appearance attorney for tasks like updating the judge on the status of the case or conferring with an opposing party than to spend 2-3 hours traveling to the courthouse and back.

In this article, we want to elaborate more on who are contract attorneys and why it is more lucrative to hire them rather than do the work oneself.


Who are Contract Attorneys?

A contract attorney is a lawyer who does legal work for you on a contract basis. Usually, such work is temporary and ends when the job or period is finished. A contract attorney is hired by the law office for a specific task or period.

In the case of appearance attorneys, the specific job assigned by an attorney of record to the appearance attorney is the subject of a “contract” between the two attorneys. Once the attorney on demand completes the assignment and sends a report to the attorney of record, the job is considered completed and is subject to payment.

Here in AppearMe, we facilitate the relationship between the attorneys of record and the appearance attorneys. Attorneys of record submit job requests which an appearance attorney commits to. In fact, AppearMe is the connecting agency between the attorneys of record and appearance attorneys.


Why Should You Hire A Contract Attorney Rather than Do the Job Yourself?

Every lawyer knows what it means to work under tight deadlines and stress. There may be situations when you cannot appear to the courthouse due to lack of time. Even if you plan to appear, an unexpected phone call or a family emergency may ruin your plans. Having a tool to find an appearance attorney in less than 10 minutes is something no lawyer can underestimate.

Even if you take the financial side of the issue, it’s more reasonable to do a $150 job and pay $70 to the appearance attorney while never missing a single assignment or failing on job commitment.

Attorneys of record may want to hire an appearance attorney for work and life balance. Sometimes the stress is very high, and you want to take time off to do more personal things.

Whatever the reason, hiring an appearance attorney is a savior in some situations. AppearMe offers you a chance to hire an appearance attorney even 10 minutes before your court hearing. This is not unreal when you think of thousands of lawyers already registered and using the system.

We invite you to sign up to AppearMe and make our family of attorneys even bigger. Sign up and get started on the Web or download from App Store or Google Play Store!

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