Attorneys on Call – AppearMe is Here to Help

A lot of lawyers face situations when they need to outsource some work. They may need to do so due to a high level of stress or tight deadlines. We want to remind you of the legal professionals called attorneys on call who can lend a helping hand when things get out of control.


Who are Attorneys on Call and How Can They Help You?

Attorneys on call are just like other legal professionals except that they prefer to do on-call jobs for attorneys of record. They take ad hoc assignments to cover court appearances and help other attorneys in their daily duties.

The range of services attorneys on call can provide is rather extensive. They can confer with the opposition party, advocate your position, provide documentation or pick up a court order. They appear settlement conferences, motions, court trials, jury trials, depositions, mediations, foreclosures, subrogation and more.

The help of attorneys on call is invaluable when it comes to heavy stress or emergencies. The question is where I can find one so that I don’t screw up my nerves?


AppearMe Will Help You Find an Attorney on Call in Less Than 5 Minutes

If you are one of those lawyers who keep on trying the traditional methods of finding an attorney on call, we have good news for you. Now you can find an attorney on call in less than 5 minutes never leaving the walls of your office. I am talking about AppearMe – a web and mobile app that has disrupted the traditional modes of hiring an attorney on call.

If you are already using AppearMe, our promise is to ensure that you take advantage of one of the most important features of legal practice in this digital age. After all, the lawyers that take the advantage of technological advancements are the ones most likely to succeed.

AppearMe is a portal that matches attorneys of record with appearance attorneys. We are talking about attorneys that appear in court hearings on your behalf.

Once registered in the system, you can post appearance requests and wait for an appearance attorney to pick it up. Thousands of appearance attorneys are registered users of the system in the states of Nevada and California, and you don’t need to wait long. An appearance attorney may commit to your request at a record time of 60 seconds. This is something no lawyer could believe a few years ago.


How do I Get Registered

You can sign up to AppearMe and get started on the Web or download our Mobile app from App Store or Google Play Store. Once you get verified, you can start submitting and accepting appearance requests. The portal is exceptionally user-friendly. As lawyers, we have taken into consideration that every minute is of value to you. It takes 2-3 minutes to upload your appearance, including information about the appearance type, case number, courthouse details as well as appearance date and type. You can also attach documents. You are done. Once you submit your request, another attorney using the system will commit to your appearance. At this moment you can send messages to the attorney or even talk to him or her on the phone.

We have done our part of the job. Make sure to sign up to AppearMe without any commitments. Still have questions?  Read our help page or contact us.

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