AppearMe, Your 911 App When Your Court Appearance Seems Impossible

In today’s fast-running world, time is one of the most valuable assets that we all have. Growing professionals, especially lawyers, tend to get busy with more important tasks such as exploring the details of the case that they are handling or interviewing the witnesses. Making a court appearance becomes secondary at this point; however, it is vital for any case. The good news is that you can actually handle your court hearing without going to court. Appearance attorneys will appear anywhere on your behalf and AppearMe is here to help you find one within minutes.

This is why you need to hire an appearance attorney!

An appearance attorney’s task is to go to court on behalf of the lawyer and to complete the assigned task. These tasks may vary from presenting the missing documents, rescheduling the time of a court hearing, to any other task you might want the appearance attorney to do on your behalf.

However, how much time would it take to find an attorney who will make a court appearance for you? Many lawyers tend to spend hours contacting different agencies to find attorneys on demand, who will agree to do the job for you. However, finding an appearance attorney takes only a couple of minutes when you use AppearMe!

AppearMe can be your 911 call for any court appearance!

Created by lawyers for lawyers, AppearMe is a platform that will help you find appearance attorneys within minutes. Operating both on the web and mobile application, AppearMe will connect attorneys of record and appearance attorneys for possible cooperation. We have thousands of registered lawyers who regularly submit and claim appearance requests. You can be one of them!  

Registering an account in AppearMe is easy. Just two simple steps and you will be able to create appearance requests. When doing so you can add a description of the specific task you want to assign to the appearance attorney, offer any price you wish as a compensation for the appearance, upload any necessary files or documents and easily manage all your appearance requests in one place.

The appearance attorneys registered in our database usually pick up the appearance requests within one minute. Upon the appearance attorney’s confirmation, the attorney of record will be able to browse through his profile to read his or her attorney bio and find all of the necessary contact information.

Let up help you find your appearance attorneys! Sign up now.


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