How to Create an Attorney Bio That Persuades Prospects

It is essential to have an attorney bio that persuades, builds trust and gives confidence. Everyone is looking for the most reliable attorney even for the simplest case or a 3 minutes long appearance. Attorney bios are important not only for securing an excellent reputation in the legal field, but are also vital when it comes to hiring appearance attorneys. Your bio talks on your behalf. It has to be concise, edgy, and attractive. We have prepared several tips for you to consider while you work on developing a winning bio.

1. Go for a Narrative

Unlike resumes, attorney bios are comprised of a couple of paragraphs. Resumes incorporate your education and experience in bullet points, while bios are narratives that tell the reader about you. So, here are some tips for you on writing an attorney bio in a narrative tone:

  • Write your bio from the third person. Let the reader visualize you as a real person rather than someone who will merely serve them for technical support. As soon as the reader recognizes you as a real person, he will start to trust and respect you. Here is an example for you:
    • David M. McCann is a junior lawyer of LPartner’s International Trade Group in the firm’s Los Angeles office.
  • Focus on what exactly you have done. Talk about your previous experiences, achievements, mention some awards. You may even consider including your internships and volunteering experiences as long as they are relevant and will not make your bio redundant. Your professional expertise and education show your willingness to work for what they hired you in the most caring and dedicated manner. Unlike resumes, in bios you can go beyond simply listing all companies that you have worked for and positions that you have held. Here is another example for you: 
    • David M. McCann has been working for LPartner’s International Trade Group for more than two years throughout which, he has managed to win twenty-five cases securing a good reputation for the law firm.

2. Follow the Format

Just like any other document, attorney bios have a format to follow. However, to understand the form, you have to understand the primary aim of the text. In this case, it is to attract the prospect, keep them reading until the end, and eventually to get them to hire you. So, here is the format that we recommend:

  • Start with your current position, list some of the most important qualifications that you have, and shortly recall some cases that you have handled.
  • After mentioning your practical capabilities, refer to your experience. Let them know for which companies who have worked exactly and what positions you have held. This will help you maintain a strong credibility. In case you don’t have enough experience use the opportunity of being hired as an appearance attorney.
  • Eventually, end with your education. List all the degrees that you have pursued in college and/or university in a reverse chronological order. Many attorneys tend to start their bios with their education thinking that a university diploma is an asset that others value the most. Nonetheless, education is indeed a good basis, but experienced lawyers will similarly value your professional expertise and practical outcomes of your work.

3. Attorney Bio: Keep it Short

Those who are looking to hire an appearance attorney will never spend time reading lengthy bios. On the other hand, it is critical to maintain the trust of the reader. Make sure to keep it laconic, but give out enough to support the credibility of a trustworthy attorney. Long texts will never work especially when it comes to hiring attorneys in motion.

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