Your Career as a Court Reporter with AppearMe

Finally, you received your degree or certificate as a court reporter. It did not take you long, and you have high aspirations for the upcoming future. Your aspirations are justified with AppearMe – a portal where attorneys post court reporter jobs almost every day.

If you are now court reporter with proper certification, and you don’t know how to go further, this is the page to read. I am going to tell you about an application that can help thousands of court reporters in their career path.


Your Career as a Court Reporter is Promising with AppearMe

AppearMe is an attorney portal. Here thousands of attorneys are loyal users, and they post and receive job offers every day, several times a day. Court reporting is one of the service areas of AppearMe. Your chances of getting more job offers increase 10-fold when you are a user of AppearMe. Go on reading! You can become a member absolutely free!

If you want to receive job offers from the portal, here is what to do.


Sign up to AppearMe

The first thing to do is to sign up for free. This is not a trick! You don’t pay a penny out of your pocket to become a member!

You will receive offers only if you are a user of AppearMe. Although AppearMe is mainly a portal for attorneys, court reporters can also register if they specify ”Court reporter” as a user type.

You need to fill in simple information like your name, password, email, license number, and type. Once you do that, we will verify your profile and notify you about your status. After a couple of hours, our staff will approve your profile, or you will receive rejection if we find incorrect or missing information. If our staff approves your profile, you will become a user and from that moment on you will get job offers.


What’s Next?

Now that you are a user of AppearMe expect to find a high number of job offers. There is one thing that you should be aware of. The first court reporter who accepts the job offer covers the assignment. So, your task is to act fast and accept the offer immediately once you get it on your email or mobile phone. After you accept the offer, go ahead cover the assignment and submit the transcript. When you submit the assignment, your payment will automatically transfer to the bank account registered with AppearMe.


All Done, All Good!

If you still have questions about AppearMe, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Dial (818) 744-3505 or contact us otherwise. You will find useful information about court reporting on our blog as well. Go ahead research about AppearMe and finally when you decide to register, sign up for free!

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