Top 5 Reasons to Choose AppearMe

If you haven’t heard about AppearMe so far, you have missed a big thing in your legal career. AppearMe is a web and mobile application that has brought a new way of hiring appearance attorneys in the legal market. Now you can get the lawyers you need in less than 60 seconds.

The incredible promise has astonished a lot of attorneys so far that use the portal every day to post and receive court appearance jobs.

We have listed the top 5 reasons-benefits why to choose this revolutionary tool.


1. AppearMe: Fastest in the Market

The committal to court appearance jobs in less than a minute is something no lawyer would think about a couple of years ago. The tool has revolutionized the court appearance market where thousands of lawyers are connected in one big attorney network.

We are confident that someone will commit to your appearance offer in less than a minute because of the logic of the application. The first lawyer who commits to your offer will get the job. Because of this solution, the legal practitioners act fast. They know that they can get the job only if they are the first one to take the offer.

This is why AppearMe can boast of the fastest record in the market. And this is why our loyal customers keep to the application once they sign up.


2. Secure

Anything from invoicing to payment to request making is automatic. Once the appearance lawyer submits a brief report, the amount minus the processing fee is automatically transferred from the requesting attorney’s account number to the appearance attorney’s account. It takes less than an hour for the processing bank to complete the transaction.


3. Cost-effective

This legal tool has one of the most competitive prices in the market. We have developed our pricing policy taking into account both the interests of the appearance attorneys and the attorneys of record. The latter pay a reasonable yet a competitive price. For our pricing, go to this page.

The hiring lawyer gains both time and money when assigning jobs to other attorneys. This is something that a lot of legal professionals are already aware of.


4. Flexible

When you join the portal, you have no commitments whatsoever. You can post as many jobs as you like or stay idle if you have no requests to make. Appearance lawyers take assignments only when they have free time or feel like working. Working with the portal is full opportunities for the lawyers to engage in other legal business.


5. Reliable

One of the shortcomings of freelance work is that it is temporary and ad hoc. With AppearMe you don’t have this problem. Hiring lawyers post multiple job offers in a day, and appearance attorneys have access to an abundance of jobs.

The hiring lawyer can be sure that they will always find the attorney they need because thousands are registered users, and a lot of registered attorneys seek for jobs.

We highlighted some of the benefits of AppearMe. For more info, please read our blog or help pages. We are ready to assist you with any inquiries as well. Please contact AppearMe for any issues on how AppearMe works.

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