AppearMe – Your Legal Tool for Court Appearances in Texas

Need a court appearance attorney in Texas? The hiring process is easy and simple with AppearMe. No matter what hearing, the attorneys registered with AppearMe are available within minutes.

But the market is full of agencies proposing court appearance professionals. How can I choose the right one? Here is what to look for.



The old days are gone. Hiring a court appearance professional took days and even weeks with traditional agencies in the past. Now you can find an appearance attorney through an automated portal that matches attorneys of record with appearance attorneys through one simple step.

How does it work? Imagine a big bowl of salad that has just one ingredient – the attorneys. The bowl is AppearMe where attorneys get registered. When someone needs a court appearance professional, he or she posts an appearance request through the portal and the first attorney committing to the request covers the hearing.

The process is fully automated with minimum manual effort. It takes 1 minutes for an attorney to post a request and less than 60 seconds for an appearance attorney to commit to your appearance.



Because of the automated nature of AppearMe, the hiring process takes less than 3 minutes from the moment you post a request to the minute when someone commits to your request. This is the fastest record in the market.

Once you are registered, you can post an unlimited number of court appearance requests expecting the same fast turnaround.


Free Registration, No Hidden Costs

One of the benefits of AppearMe is that the portal is absolutely free to register. You are committed to nothing when signing up. You pay per appearance and only when you match with an appearance attorney.

We have no hidden costs. Our payment policy is straightforward. You pay one flat fee. You can read about our pricing here.


AppearMe: Designed for Texas Attorneys

If you are an attorney in Texas, you need to look for tools that are specifically designed for Texas attorneys.

Currently, AppearMe operates in California, Nevada, New York and Texas. Since Texas is in our focus area, you can have access to thousands of appearance attorneys registered in the portal.

Finding an appearance attorney in Texas is hassle-free with AppearMe. If you are undecided or you still have questions about how the system operates, please feel free to read our blog or contact us at [email protected]. Otherwise, you can sign up today and have a legal tool in your arsenal that you can use when needed or desired.

P.S. One more thing… When you sign up and get verified, you can invite attorney friends and get $10 for each signup. You can invite attorney friends even without getting registered by writing us at [email protected]. We will help you earn $10 for each attorney friend who signs up. Write to us at [email protected] or call at (818) 744-3505.

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