The Mobile App which Helps you Find an Appearance Attorney

All lawyers face the issue of finding an appearance attorney at some points in their legal practice. If you are someone under heavy stress, most probably you have thought of outsourcing some of your legal work when things get out of control. AppearMe, a real-time on-demand app is built on the needs of attorneys to help each other under hectic times. It is a portal where attorneys get connected through an automatic process with minimum manual involvement.


AppearMe – an Attorney Connecting Portal

It is worth to make it clear that AppearMe itself does not provide court appearance coverage services. Rather, the portal connects attorneys with each other to fulfill a specific task for each other.

What does this mean? Suppose an attorney of record wants to find an appearance attorney for a specific appearance. He/she can post the announcement on the portal after getting registered. Once the attorney of records signs up to AppearMe and gets verified, he/she can post an unlimited number of appearance requests.

To make it clear, we do not provide court appearance professionals. Rather, we are a portal that connects attorneys of record with appearance attorneys.


Automatic Process of Hiring an Appearance Attorney

One of the advantages of AppearMe is that you don’t use a middleman to find an appearance attorney. The process is fully automated. Once an attorney of record posts a request for court coverage, all appearance attorneys get push notifications on their mobile phones and emails. The first appearance attorney claiming the appearance will be the one who will cover the court appearance. Normally attorneys claim for appearances within minutes. The process is fast and efficient.

Attorneys of record can post court coverage requests days, hours and even 10 minutes before the court hearing. The process is easy and absolutely hassle-free.


I need to pay, do I?

Yes, hiring an appearance attorney is never free. You need to pay the appearance attorney fee plus a processing fee. Even with the processing fee, you pay a competitive price – something you would pay if things were not automatic. In fact, this means you are paying a competitive price for an additional service.

The fee for Ex Parte appearances, for example, is set at $140 but the attorneys of record may raise the price due to emergency or the workload. This includes $60 fee to be paid to the court. You can view our pricing and compare with the prices in the market.

We did our best to make this a win-win deal. We will be happy to see you on the team of attorney users. For questions and requests, please contact us or read our blog.

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