Court Appearance Services in Arizona with AppearMe

The first time I heard about AppearMe was from my colleague. Just imagine: I was at work, grabbing a cup of coffee and reviewing some important documents. Looked at the clock! Heck! I had to cover an appearance in 30 minutes and that was highly unlikely I would be at the court in time. My colleague walked in (oh, I’m so happy she did). I asked her if she knew someone who could appear on my behalf in one of the courts in Arizona. You know what happened next? I learnt about AppearMe, the fastest legal tool that provides court appearance services! Now, I’d like to share with you all the amazing benefits of using AppearMe.


What Is AppearMe?

AppearMe is a mobile and web application that provides a network of highly skilled court appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, court reporters and court interpreters for other lawyers who need short-term help. You can also refer a case and earn a referral fee with AppearMe when you can’t handle a particular case or are unable to accept another case because of heavy workload.

Long story short, AppearMe is a new way to schedule legal professionals in California, New York, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona on the go!


Top Reasons to Choose AppearMe When You Are in Need of Court Appearance Services

With a myriad of choices out there, what makes AppearMe stand out in the crowd? In fact, there are many reasons to LOVE this special appearance application. AppearMe is a good alternative because:


  • Getting registered is free.
  • You can schedule a legal professional in less than a minute. Hard to believe, isn’t it?
  • You can submit a request and get matched with attorneys to go a day, an hour and even 10 minutes before the hearing. So, if something comes up at the last minute, you no longer need to worry!
  • AppearMe verifies the license info provided by legal professions through the state bar association website. Attorneys with a history of disciplinary action or inactive license can’t join AppearMe.
  • You don’t need to have a ton in order to use our court appearance services in Arizona. You will see the minimum price for each assignment when submitting a request. However, you are free to offer a higher price for the appearance you are creating. This is especially helpful when something comes up at the last minute and you need to schedule a trustworthy legal professional as soon as possible.
  • You can submit and accept requests using the same profile.

In other words, AppearMe is RELIABLE, FAST and has the features busy attorneys need!


How Attorneys Sign Up to AppearMe?

While there are still lawyers who contact agencies, I’ve spent just a few minutes to sign up to AppearMe. Here is what I did:

First, I downloaded the mobile application (App Store or Google Play), filled out a couple of fields and hit the Sign Up button. I’ve waited until AppearMe verified my account information and I received an email notifying me the account is ready. Next, I submitted a request and got matched with an appearance attorney in Arizona in less than a minute. Lastly, I received the summary of the appearance, rated the appearance attorney and left feedback. Pretty simple, right? So, go ahead and sign up now to manage your court appearances in Arizona (and not only). Also, send an email to [email protected] or dial (888) 900-3080 if you have any questions!

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