How Much Does a Contract Attorney Make a Year?

Some lawyers prefer to work on a contract basis. They are temporarily hired by other law offices or attorneys to perform a specific task. Why would a lawyer consider the work of a contract attorney? Let’s see some of the benefits behind this work.

There may be some reasons for a lawyer to turn to contract lawyering. In-house work is stressful and sometimes under strict work demands. Some of the lawyers want to express work style preferences. It is also known that you can accomplish a lot more when working at hours that best suit you and at a pace that is good for you. Eventually, contract lawyering enhances job satisfaction. Other lawyers want to support transitions within the profession or to other careers.

How much can you opt to as an income when working on such terms?


As high as $332,500 and as low as $46,500.

According to ZipRecruiter, a contract attorney annual salary ranges from $46,500 to $332,500 nationally. The national average is $106,876/year. According to the same source, the hourly salary ranges from $22.36 to $159.86 nationally with the average spread being $138.

The highest paid jobs are in San Francisco, CA followed by Seattle, WA, Boston, MA, Los Angeles, CA, and Minneapolis, MN. The lowest hours pay in Miami, FL, and Orlando, FL.


Find a Job as a Contract Attorney with AppearMe

Temporary attorney work is something lawyers should consider if they want to stay afloat financially and if they seek flexibility and control over the shape of their legal career.

Those who have made up their mind to take up temporary legal work, AppearMe is the best choice because it is free to sign up, without commitments, allows flexibility (work when needed) and is a source of pretty good income.

Let’s talk about these a little more in detail.

Free to sign up: AppearMe is at no cost to you when you sign up. It is an absolutely free application to join. When you become a user, you can post and accept unlimited job requests.

Without commitments: you commit to literally nothing when you join. You can take as many jobs as you like and at hours that best suit you.

Flexible: Attorneys registered in the portal work at hours they want. This allows to keep up with other commitments, go on training, take up other assignments or spend time with family and friends.

Source of steady income: multiple jobs are posted in a day, and if you are the first to accept the offer, you may find two or even three assignments in a day. That is why AppearMe has become a source of steady income for many lawyers.


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