Attorneys on Demand – the Best Solution for Last Minute Emergencies

When a lawyer’s caseload is too heavy, or he/she has an emergency, the first thing that comes to a lawyer’s mind are the attorneys on demand. Anything can happen. You may have an urgent issue with a different client, a family call, or you may simply have got into a traffic jam! You think that you will miss the hearing and lose your reputation? Tough no! There is a solution that many attorneys apply when things get out of control. They pick up their mobile phone and post an appearance request, and another attorney responds within minutes. The whole thing takes place at rocket speed. Now you can sit back and maybe step into a café shop to enjoy your cup of cappuccino.  

Now let me detail how this happens in real life which may seem unbelievable right now.


Lawyers Hire Attorneys on Demand with AppearMe During Emergencies

AppearMe is a web and mobile real-time on-demand application that attorneys use in their daily life. Since the lawyers normally respond within a minute, this application is invaluable in times of emergencies.

The point is that attorneys know that they will get the job only if they are the first to respond. Therefore, they are quick!

But not only that, attorneys respond to offers in their neighborhood, which means they don’t have to travel long hours and miss the hearing. Are you in Los Angeles and you need someone in Long Beach? Hire an attorney who is ALREADY in Long Beach. This person will not have to travel and will appear to your hearing even 10 minutes before the hearing starts.

Sometimes attorneys happen to be right in the courthouse where your hearing will take place. All they need to do is to step next door and earn extra $75 or more for the appearance. Wouldn’t you do that?


Sign Up if You are Attorney with an Active License

This attractive offer is valid only for attorneys with an active license and eligible to practice law in accordance with state bar rules.

So if you are an attorney with an active license, sign up to this application without a second thought. It is free to register. The hiring attorney pays only when someone accepts the offer.

If you have any questions right now, please contact us for details. Otherwise, please sign up, and we will respond on the status of your profile in a couple of hours. You lose not a penny but gain a legal tool that no lawyer can underestimate at these hectic times.

Note: You can also post/receive job offers for a court reporter and refer an entire case with AppearMe.

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