AppearMe: the Legal Solution Which Makes Lawyers’ Life Easier

Lawyers often complain that they have too much to do in a short time. In fact, lawyers’ life is not easy. They have to interrogate witnesses, conduct research and analyses, interpret laws and regulations and represent clients in courts and government agencies. Too much to handle for a single attorney. This is the reason that a lot of lawyers are seeking an alternative legal solution that will make their life easier.

And such a solution exists, in fact. Today a lot of lawyers are truly adapt to technology, and many wish they were. Those who rely on traditional ways of doing business think that technology is difficult and costly to implement. I am going to tell you about a techno application that is neither difficult nor costly. It will not solve all your life problems, but it will make your legal business a lot smarter and more efficient.


AppearMe – a Techno Legal Solution to Your Challenges

Legal tech refers to the use of technology and software in the provision of legal services. The market is full of applications that ease lawyers’ work in project management, research and analyses and more.

AppearMe is something unique. It helps you find an appearance attorney, a court reporter in literally minutes. You can also use the application to refer entire cases to other attorneys.

The uniqueness of this application is in its high speed and service productivity. When you join the portal, you can post and receive job announcements and the lawyers registered in the portal respond immediately. We are almost 100% sure that a legal professional will commit to your offer in less than a minute (maybe a minute or two) because of the smart solution supporting the application. The reason is that the first lawyer who commits to your offer takes up the assignment. Attorneys need to act super-fast in order to get the job. In fact, they do that in real time and literally in minutes. Our top record has been 27 seconds (the average time for committal is 60 seconds).


How to Become a Member?

To join the portal, you need to sign up, by the way, for free. It will take 2-3 minutes of your time. The required fields are easy to fill in, and we don’t require any information that you have to research. We ask simple info like your name, email, password, bar number, etc.

If you want to become a court reporter, you need to specify that under user type. While non-lawyers can become a court reporter through the application, only attorneys with an active license and eligible to practice law can post and receive court appearance jobs and refer cases.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our 24/7 Customer Support heroes will eagerly answer all your questions.

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