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AppearMe: Real-Time Litigation Support Solutions

AppearMe — a nationwide network of attorneys, expert witnesses and litigation support specialists available to help you with your cases and lighten caseloads.  It’s a […]


AppearMe: Your Tool to Getting More Clients and Cases

Getting new clients and cases can be a challenging and time-consuming process. The most innovative and efficient way of finding new clients is using the […]


Jersey City Appearance Attorneys Have Plenty of Court Appearance Jobs

Do you want to get more court appearance jobs? Are you confused about how to start and where to go? That’s okay. There are many […]


The Best Solution of Legal Work for Sacramento Appearance Attorneys

Here at AppearMe, we understand that court appearances are an essential part of legal practice. They can consume a significant amount of time from attorneys. […]


AppearMe: the Legal Solution Which Makes Lawyers’ Life Easier

Lawyers often complain that they have too much to do in a short time. In fact, lawyers’ life is not easy. They have to interrogate […]


Why not Refer a Case when You Can Earn Referral Fees?

If you are not an authorized user of AppearMe, we encourage you to join the application now. In addition to posting unlimited court appearance jobs, […]


Get to Know the Attorneys and Refer a Case in Seconds

One of the hardest things, when you refer a case, is to find the attorney that is fit for your case. With AppearMe you have […]


Earn a Referral Fee for Referring a Case

You might know that you can earn a referral fee for referring a case, but you might not know how easy and fast it can […]


A Web and Mobile App that Can Change Your Legal Career

The legal career has markedly transformed over the recent years. Globalization and legal tech open new challenges with new opportunities for legal professionals. The legal […]


The AppearMe App Connects Attorneys of Record with Appearance Attorney in Texas

Attorneys in Texas have an unprecedented legal tool in their arsenal now. A new startup has disrupted the way appearance attorneys are hired. AppearMe gives […]

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