The AppearMe App Connects Attorneys of Record with Appearance Attorney in Texas

Attorneys in Texas have an unprecedented legal tool in their arsenal now. A new startup has disrupted the way appearance attorneys are hired. AppearMe gives attorneys in Texas the tools to manage their court coverage – from pricing the appearances to extended courthouse information. Now you can find a court appearance attorney in Texas in a couple of minutes, something that no attorney would ever think of in the past.

Finding an appearance attorney in Texas is easy as never before – whether you need that help in 10 minutes or 10 days. Our attorney-driven apps work together to bring you as much business as possible. If you cannot make to court or if you don’t want to make that drive, use AppearMe to find an appearance attorney.

Here is what happens when you sign up to AppearMe.


Appearance Attorney – You Gain Access to a Network of Thousands of Texas Attorneys

Thousands of Attorneys are registered in the states of California, Nevada, Texas and New York. When you sign up, you instantly have access to the services of attorneys registered in the system. All you need to do is fill in a couple of fields and submit an appearance. Once your appearance is posted, thousands of attorneys get push notifications on their mobiles and/or emails and the first one committing to your appearance will be the attorney covering the appearance.

The smart solution has helped thousands of lawyers to find the right person for the court coverage within minutes from posting the appearance to committal.


Automatic Request Processing

The whole process from requests to reporting to invoicing is automated. Your job is to fill in a couple of fields and submit the request.

Here is what to do to create an appearance:

  • Go to the ‘’Create an appearance’’ section to make an appearance request.
  • Fill out all the required fields regarding the case type and number, courthouse details, as well as appearance date and time.
  • Attach files if needed.
  • Submit the appearance, and it will appear in “Unmatched” section.
  • Get notified by email when an attorney commits to your appearance.

Once the appearance is submitted, thousands of lawyers will be automatically notified of your request. The attorneys registered in the system claim for the appearance in less than 60 seconds.


Automated Payments and Invoices

Attorneys get paid instantly right after they close the appearance. Once you click “Close and Submit”, the amount minus the processing fee is deposited on your account. It takes an hour for the processing bank to complete the transaction.


2 Minutes to Submit an Appearance and 60 Seconds to Find an Attorney

It takes 2 minutes to sign up, 2 minutes to submit your appearance info and another 60 seconds to find the attorney you need.

When you sign up, we need to verify your license status with the State Bar. Once we verify your profile, you can submit and accept unlimited job offers.

Our app has helped thousands to find and post court appearance job offers. If you are still undecided or have some questions, feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support heroes for more details at [email protected] or call (818)744-3505.

P.S. Please have a look at our competitive pricing and contact us for any inquiries you have.

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