Searching for Court Appearance Attorneys in Texas?

Finding a court appearance attorney in Texas is not an issue anymore. You can locate a court appearance professional in less than a minute. We have thousands of attorneys registered in our portal who post and receive multiple court appearance offers in a day.


Texas Attorneys, Go Rolling!

We know how hard the attorney job can sometimes be. Limited time, heavy load of work, short deadlines and all of these at a single time. Things get worse when you think of your court coverage which is next door. You cannot do all the things at once and here is where AppearMe comes for help. The automated app has helped thousands of lawyers in California, Nevada, New York and Texas to locate court appearance attorneys with a simple click.

Texas attorneys do not need to worry anymore about their court hearing coverage. You can locate a court appearance attorney fast and most importantly without nerve-wracking efforts.

We build our claims on proven facts and here is what we mean.


AppearMe is an Automated App with Little Manual Involvement

AppearMe is an auto-matchmaking app for attorneys. It has revolutionized how appearances are managed from requests to reporting to invoicing. The 100% automated app has helped thousands of lawyers to locate appearance professionals or work as an appearance attorney with a simple click.

When an attorney posts an appearance request, thousands of lawyers receive push notifications on their mobile phones and emails. The first attorney claiming the appearance covers the hearing. Fast, easy, secure.


Fastest Records in the Market

It takes 2 minutes to sign up, 2 minutes to submit your appearance request and another 60 seconds to find the attorney you need. This is the fastest in the market. The fastest record we had so far is 27 seconds with the average turnaround of 1 minute.


Free Signup

You don’t need to pay for signing up. We have no hidden fees either. Our pricing is clear and straightforward. You pay for the attorney fee plus a small processing fee only and when you post an appearance request. Attorneys registered with AppearMe get paid instantly after closing the appearance. It will take as much time as is needed for the processing bank to complete the transaction.


Still Have Questions?

Our 24/7 customer support is ready to answer your questions. Please write us at [email protected] or call us at (818) 744-3505.

P.S. You can read about our pricing here. Don’t forget to refer to a friend and get $10 per sign up!

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