The Best Way to Make Money For an Attorney on Call

Working as an attorney on call has many benefits. You can make income an ordinary lawyer makes and keep to a flexible schedule. This opportunity […]


What’s the Difference Between J.D. and Esquire?

The vocabulary of the legal system can be characterized by its great degree of complexity. This complexity of legal terms is connected to its long […]


Close to Nationwide Coverage of Court Appearances

Ever thought you could find coverage for your court appearances in a couple of minutes? AppearMe makes this fantastic project a reality! We are in […]


Heavy Caseload at Your Law Firm? Use AppearMe to Hire a Lawyer!

There are times when things get tough and you don’t understand if it’s just you or the expectations are too high. When there is no […]


Request Appearance Coverage 24 hours a Day, 365 Days a Year in San Diego

Taken your busy schedule, you cannot manage all your legal requirements on your own. This is natural. Many lawyers assign appearance coverage to other attorneys. […]


The Fastest Way to Find Seattle Appearance Attorney Services

  If you are in search of Seattle appearance attorney services, you are on the right page. Our registered attorneys handle all kinds of appearances, […]


Join Thousands of Attorneys to Find More Freelance Legal Work!

Do you know you can claim an advantage if you are an attorney in Henderson? Thousands of attorneys get more freelance legal work with a […]


Want to Work as a Hearing Coverage Attorney? Sign up to AppearMe!

If you are passionate about becoming a hearing coverage attorney and want to have a steady source of income, let’s talk. A lot of lawyers […]


AppearMe Launches Collaboration with Law Firms

If you haven’t heard about AppearMe, that’s a big flaw in your business. Thousands of attorneys already use the app in 13 different states. And […]


Find Court Reporters in Real-Time Within Seconds

Court reporters – often referred to as stenographers or short-hand reporters – are the professionals called upon to ensure that all spoken words and gestures […]

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