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I Want a Per Diem Attorney in New York

We’ve all been there. It’s a beautiful day, and you can’t focus on anything! Even a nice cup of coffee doesn’t work for you! Despite […]


I Want to Refer a Case to Another Attorney – AppearMe Can Help!

You may face the issue “where to find an attorney” when you want to refer a case. You are on the right page! Now you […]


Court Coverage in Sacramento Easier Than Never Before

With an estimated population of 501,334 in 2018, Sacramento is a busy place for lawyers. As the capital of California, the city faces a lot […]


AppearMe: Why is It the Fastest App for Per Diem Attorneys?

Thinking of going freelance because you are tired of your 9-to-5 job? If the answer is yes, you’ve arrived at the right place, my friend! […]


Deposition Attorneys in California Have More Job Offers with AppearMe

You might be one of the lawyers that work on contract from time to time. You like the free work schedule and your autonomy, but […]


How Can I Refer a Case to Another Attorney?

It happens in a lawyer’s practice that he or she cannot handle all cases. Lawyers refer cases to each other for various reasons. They may […]


Quick Access to Per Diem Services

If you want to leverage your professional network to find per diem services anywhere in New York, Texas, Nevada, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington, Arizona, […]


Florida Attorneys Use AppearMe to Refer a Case

Unable to accept another case because of your heavy workload? Or maybe you are asked to handle a case outside your expertise? Whatever the case, […]


Attorney to Attorney Referral Service in Florida

Finding the right attorney to refer a case may be overwhelming in Florida. Normally attorneys apply to lawyer referral services to find an attorney they […]


Illinois Lawyer Referral Service

Lawyers can’t and, in fact, shouldn’t handle all cases that are proposed to them. They often decline cases that come out of their expertise area […]

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