In this age of technology, you can find mobile apps for virtually any task that comes to your mind. If you are looking for a taxi, Uber is there for you. Postmates and Foodler will eagerly deliver food to your doorsteps by a touch of your mobile screen. Want to learn a language? LinguaLift will help. Given the abundance of mobile apps, it goes without saying that the legal world has not stayed untouched by this technological trend. In today’s article, I am going to talk about AppearMe – the best mobile app for hiring contract attorneys to make appearances or depositions.

By the end of this article, you will know how to find an appearance attorney when you have just 10 minutes before your hearing, and you will find out how to make pretty nice income working as a contract attorney. If you are a busy lawyer who has been in an emergency at least once in your life or if you are an attorney who looks for an extra source of income, this should be enough reason for you to read this article.


Find Contract Attorneys Even 10 Minutes Before Your Hearing

What happens when you need to cover the hearing at 10 am and it’s almost 9.30 am and you are stuck in a traffic jam? Perhaps you may want to call the courthouse and notify. Wrong decision! You can still cover the hearing by hiring a contract attorney who may be at the same courthouse at the same hour or maybe somewhere in the neighborhood. Instead of spoiling nerves waiting in the long car lines you can turn the next corner and safely get back to your office while another attorney will attend the hearing.


The Attorney You Hired Made Money

What happened to the attorney who accepted your offer and covered the hearing? Correct. He earned money just by stepping in next door or getting to the courthouse in 10 minutes when it would take an hour from you. Eventually, we have two parties that are on the winning side: you, who did not miss the hearing and did not travel a long way to the courthouse through a heavy traffic jam and the attorney who earned money spending less than half an hour on the court coverage.


Heavy Caseload? An Attorney will Attend the Deposition

The same procedure works when you have a heavy caseload and cannot cover a deposition. It makes sense to find a deposition attorney competent in specific practice areas and let him/her cover the session. You can find a deposition lawyer with a simple touch of your screen.


AppearMe Will Help to Hire a Contract Attorney to Make Appearances or Depositions

Whether you are a lawyer who needs court coverage from time to time or you are a legal professional who wants to earn extra bucks by court coverage, AppearMe is the right portal to register. Registration is free, so don’t worry about any extra expense on you.

When you become a user of AppearMe, you can post and receive unlimited job offers in court appearances.

P.S. Users of AppearMe can also refer entire cases and earn referral fees. Hard work is nothing when it comes to efficiency. Do it in the right way!

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