Find a Per Diem Attorney in New York Within 60 Seconds

Thanks to AppearMe, you will never be alone in your legal needs. You can find a per diem attorney in New York in less than a minute. When you choose AppearMe, you will get in contact directly with the lawyer you need instead of speaking to Mr. Jones. The 100% automated app allows its users to find legal professionals without much manual involvement. All you need to do is to create an appearance with simple steps guided through the automated app.

You can find all the help you need from family law, immigration, bankruptcy, collection to legal depositions. The lawyers registered in AppearMe portal cover all kinds of appearances, including general motions, Ex Parte, MSJ, Trial Setting Conferences, CMS and more.


Find a Per Diem Attorney at Affordable Prices

AppearMe has one of the most competitive rates in the market with an added value of the service. This means that you can find the lawyer you need at a competitive price but for a shorter time. And by the shorter time I mean minutes literally, including request processing, committal, and reporting.


What is AppearMe Service Area?

Attorneys registered in the portal appear anywhere in New York, Texas, California, Nevada and New Jersey. New York is one of the focus areas of the portal with thousands of lawyers already registered in the system.

Given the high number of lawyers registered, the chances that someone will accept your request are high.

The lawyers can specify the geographic areas and practice areas of their preference in the app. This makes the app extremely efficient. Why travel hours to get to the courthouse when another lawyer can step into the courthouse spending less than 10 minutes on the assignment?


What Happens if the Attorney Cancels the Request

The attorneys of record are highly encouraged not to cancel their request once they make it. It is not fair to the attorney who accepted the offer, and it is not very professional. But in the case you need to cancel the request for any reason, you can do so but not later than 24 hours before the actual appearance time.

If the canceling party is the per diem attorney, the attorney of record can always resubmit the request and get another lawyer within literally minutes.

Whether you have too many hearings to cover in the morning or you just have an emergency, you can count on the automated app. The technology will never put you down.

Have questions? Have a look at our frequently asked questions. If you have more question, please feel free to contact our 24/7 Customer Support heroes.

Otherwise, please sign up today. Our staff will verify your account within a couple of hours. From that moment on, you can make requests and accept requests right on the way.


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