Court Appearance – a Source of Steady Income

The legal profession has been undergoing a paradigm shift in the modern economy. A number of trends have emerged in the legal industry that have disrupted the way legal businesses are done. Legal process outsourcing is one of the new delivery models for legal services. The transfer of work of attorneys, paralegals and other professional to other external vendors have become a major determinant of the legal profession. This encompasses the realm of court appearance with a lot of attorneys delegating their tasks to other attorneys to cover appearances for them.

Delegating tasks to other attorneys is a response to the growing demands of the current workforce. Attorneys of record are limited on time and do not want to spend hours on traveling to court and back. Many attorneys prefer to hire someone else to cover appearances for them. This opens a source of income for many lawyers who are willing to dedicate their time to court appearances making it a source of stable income.


Court Appearance with Matchmakers is Beneficial

With the advance of Internet and technology legal matchmaking has become a part of the legal profession. Many lawyers are comfortable with using the Internet in finding their clients as well as other attorneys to help them in everyday work.

Legal matchmaking has penetrated in the realm of court appearance with all the benefits of technological advancement.

AppearMe, a legal matchmaker startup, has revolutionized the way appearance attorneys are hired with a record time of 60 seconds for an appearance attorney to commit to an appearance request. Tons of job opportunities are posted during a day, and appearance attorneys in the states of Nevada and California enjoy the benefits of this new technology.


Court Appearance – a Source of Steady Income for Attorneys

AppearMe opens vast opportunities for attorneys who want to make the court appearance a source of steady income. Thousands of lawyers are already registered and submit and receive appearance requests every moment of the day. This opens enormous opportunities for those who want to commit to court appearance jobs. Imagine receiving tons of job assignments during a day and committing to them whenever you want or need. The job flexibility of such freelancing allows its users to do any job, regular or not, and still commit to court appearance assignments whenever they wish.

Normally, an appearance request is posted for a minimum of $70 with AppearMe charging a small fee of $10. Appearance attorneys receive minimum $60 every time they appear to court for handing in a missing document or rescheduling a hearing. An attorney can take up as many court appearances as he or she is able or wishes to handle during a day. For detailed information about our pricing visit pricing page.

Making court appearances a source of steady income is a reality today. Sign up to AppearMe or explore the AppearMe App.

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