Stuck in a Courthouse? Make an Extra $60 to $150!

Have you ever thought you can make an extra $60 to $150 while stuck in a courthouse? Do you have free hours to spend in the courthouse? Don’t waste that time! You can make money while waiting. AppearMe – a new startup created by attorneys for attorneys will help you fill your day with more income when the time would otherwise be wasted. You can work as an appearance attorney for other attorneys of record with a simple click.


How Does It Work?

AppearMe is a web and mobile app that helps thousands of attorneys to find court appearance jobs. It is a startup that has revolutionized the way appearance attorneys are hired. The system is fully automatic with the least manual effort. You submit the request and another attorney accepts your request with a simple click. To be more illustrative, the system resembles the way you call a taxi for a ride with the portal matching the driver and the customer.


What Do I Need to Do?

You need to create a profile in the portal and get verified. Once the system verifies your identity, you can start submitting appearance requests and receiving appearance requests. It will take a couple of minutes to create a profile and later you can use the system when needed or desired.


Am I Committed to Anything When I Sign Up?

You have no commitments whatsoever when you sign up. The system is absolutely free to register. There are no hidden fees. The system will charge you only when another attorney commits to your request.

We charge you $10 for a $70 appearance. This means that the appearance attorney will receive $60 for each appearance at the minimum. The price per appearance varies according to the type of appearance.

One of the features of AppearMe allows attorneys of record to offer a higher price for faster commitment, so your chances of earning more than the minimum are high.

For complete info about our pricing, please visit our pricing page.


How Do I Get Paid?

You will get paid once you complete the appearance, mark so in the system and send a brief report of the appearance. You need to click on “Close and Report” button on the appearance page for the appearance to be considered closed. The amount, minus the processing fee, are directly deposited into the account that you have registered with us.

We need your profile and your checking account information which you can submit through our secure website or mobile app. Once your checking account is set up, you will receive your earning for each appearance automatically (after marking the appearance as “closed” as described above).

Usually, the funds show up in your account immediately or as long as it takes for the processing bank to complete the transaction. If you do not receive the funds within 24 to 48 hours, please contact us.

You can sync your appearance date with Google, iCal, Outlook or Yahoo calendar and can export your court appearance information to the calendar app of your choice with a simple click.

Some of the appearance requests are posted even 10 minutes before the hearing. So, sign up and watch for appearance requests to come!


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