Seriously Useful Application for a Court Appearance

When you think of a lawyer, the first thing that comes to your mind is a life full of stress. Long piles of documents, witness interrogation, legal research and what not! When you have a court appearance on top of that, the life of a lawyer becomes miserable. But a lot of legal professionals already avoid the painstaking job of appearing to court when they have dozens of other legal jobs to do. They send a push notification to other attorneys on the mobile app AppearMe, and someone eagerly takes up the assignment for them. In our article title, we called the app ”seriously useful,” and that’s not without a reason. It will make you a more productive lawyer that earns twice as much spending the same number of hours. You don’t need to take my words for truth but the experience of the lawyers using the AppearMe app speaks of itself.


Lawyers Using the AppearMe App Get to the Essence When it Comes to a Court Appearance

Lawyers using the AppearMe app never spend long hours waiting in the courthouse or getting into traffic jams. They prefer to assign the task to another attorney who is already in the same courthouse or somewhere in the neighborhood. When you get to more mandatory tasks and leave court appearances to an attorney that is in a better position to appear to the hearing, both sides win. The attorney of record saves time, and the appearance attorney earns bucks in lesser time than would be required from the attorney of record. Here is how it works.

Imagine you have a court appearance in 2 hours. On the other side, there is a client waiting for a meeting with you that will bring you $250. You have a choice: either to lose $250 and spend 2-3 hours traveling to court and back or hire an appearance attorney and pay him or her somewhere around $75 and get busy with your work. What would you do?  The lawyers using the AppearMe app already have experience with the real benefits of the portal. They prefer calling an appearance attorney and doing more mandator work rather than spending useless time and money on court appearances.


Find an Appearance Attorney with AppearMe! It’s to Your Advantage!

Now that you realize that hiring an appearance attorney makes more sense than doing the job yourself, we encourage you to sign up to the portal absolutely free. You will have it among the legal tools that you can use only when you need. No lawyer can turn down the offer of having a legal instrument that is absolutely free to join and that may be a savior at critical times.

If you have any questions, the first thing to do is to read our FAQs or contact us at (888) 900-3080 or [email protected]. Our most friendly staff is available 24/7 for assistance.

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And one last thing. You can refer an entire case and find a court reporter, court interpreter with the app. Take your advantage as a lawyer that knows the true value of legal business!

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