Your Court Reporter is 60 Seconds Away From You

Finding a court reporter should not be an issue for an attorney or law firm. Sometimes, it is. Court professionals get sick, get stuck in traffic jam or have personal issues that prevent them from fulfilling their duties. What to do in such situations? We have a solution with a never-before-heard application AppearMe with the help of which you can find a court professional within 60 seconds.


Find a Certified Court Reporter Within Seconds

Picture yourself driving to your deposition session and getting a call from your court reporter saying she/he cannot attend — quite a frustration. You are risking failing the session and putting down both the deponent and the opposing counsel. You don’t have the time to surf the internet or make dozens of phone calls to agencies. Here AppearMe can help.

If something like that happens, attorneys that are users of AppearMe find a court reporter in 60 seconds. They post a job request using their mobile phones, and hundreds of court reporters in the area receive the announcement. The first court reporter who responds covers the assignment saving you from unnecessary hassle.


Feel Safe with AppearMe

With AppearMe you are on the safe side in any situation when you need a court appearance attorney or a court reporter. The super-fast and efficient mode of locating professionals makes it invaluable at times of emergencies. But not only that.

AppearMe is a portal for attorneys where they post job requests for appearance attorneys and refer cases. When you become a user, you can work as an appearance attorney, find an appearance attorney and refer entire cases.

We do understand the job of lawyers from A to Z, and we know how helpful AppearMe can be for attorneys. It saves time, hassle and is a savior in some extreme situations.

It costs absolutely nothing to have this special instrument among the arsenal of your legal tools. You need to create an account at no cost to you and use the application only when needed.

So, without even giving a second thought sign up and become a user. Our users are only attorneys with an active license and certified court reporters. You don’t need to worry about their qualification or lack of skills.

For questions about managing your account and more, please check our FAQs. If you still have questions, give us a call at (888) 900-3080 or send your question to [email protected]. We are always happy to help!


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