Hire a Per Diem Attorney Super Fast

AppearMe offers per diem attorney anywhere in New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Nevada, Florida and Illinois. The turnaround is exceptionally fast – less than 60 seconds in average. We will help you take the pressure off your shoulders so that you can deliver the best results for your clients.


Why Hire a Per Diem Attorney?

Lawyers cannot always control all of their workload. Sometimes law firms need an additional staff. Other times legal professionals have conflicting dates of deposition and another court hearing. When you hire a per diem attorney, you can focus on more important tasks of your firm – be that work in the office or at trial.

At AppearMe we are doing exactly that. Helping you get a lawyer that will step in when you cannot make to the hearing.


29 Seconds – Record Time!

So far our record time has been 29 seconds from the time the hiring attorney posted an offer to the time when another lawyer committed to the appearance. The average time span between the request making and committal is 60 seconds. We are talking about a 100% automated app that has revolutionized the way per diem attorneys are hired. It takes a couple of minutes (2-3 min) to sign up, a couple of minutes (2-3 min) to make a request and another 1 minute until another lawyer commits to your appearance.


Per Diem Attorneys are Notified Immediately About your Offer

When you post a job offer, thousands of lawyers registered in the portal receive emails and push notifications. The application delivers the notification instantly. Once you fill in a couple of fields and click “Submit,” consider that you have completed most of your job. Now another legal professional registered in the app will commit to your appearance and cover the hearing. The lawyer will submit a brief report on the coverage and close the appearance.


Sign up if You Need a Per Diem Lawyer

To enjoy all the benefits of this automated app, you need to sign up which will take less than 3 minutes of your time. We need simple data like name, password, email, etc. Once you sign up and submit the request to register, AppearMe staff will verify your account. It will take a couple of hours. After AppearMe verifies your profile, you are free to make as many requests as you like.

For questions about managing your account and more, please check our FAQs. If you still have questions, give us a call at (888) 900-3080 or send your question to [email protected]. We are always happy to help!

We encourage you to sign up now and be part of our legal team.

One last thing… If you are in search of a case referral service, we can help. You can refer entire cases to another attorney using the automated portal.

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