How to Avoid Frequent Interruptions by Court Reporters

Interruption by court reporters might be familiar to you. There is nothing more frustrating than being frequently interrupted by a court reporter when you think you will shine at your deposition. To be fair, we must admit that interruptions are not only the court reporter’s fault. Court reporters’ obligation is to produce an accurate transcript, and no one can blame them for asking to repeat when two people speak at a time. So, what to do to avoid frequent interruptions by court reporters? In this article, you will get some tips that can be useful to you as an attorney that meets court reporters at trials and other proceedings.


Make Court Reporter’s Job A Little Easier

Court reporters type at approximately 225 words per minute. Even with this speed, you may have a hard time if there are fast speakers in the room. To make a court reporter’s job a little easier, you may ask everyone to speak clearly and not very fast. Court reporter’s role is as important as anyone else’s job. By doing so you give due respect to the professional but not only that. You assure your transcript is proper and well-done!


Prepare the Court Reporters

It’s hard work to transcribe speeches of people when you don’t know anything they are speaking about. Knowing the context can help court reporters do a better job. You may ask the court reporter to get prepared by getting acquainted with proper terminology and specific area of practice, but you can do more than that to help them to be familiar with the subject matter. Present the case to the court professional in main points, and she will be to the point when transcribing.


Find Court Reporters through an Automatic Portal

A professional court reporter will not interrupt the session without a good reason. Spellings, addresses, names, and similar words can be checked during the break. However, she cannot avoid interrupting if two persons are speaking at a time. Your job is to help the court reporter at the session by reminding people of their job.

If you treat your court professional properly and you still have problems, it’s time to consider the right court professional. We offer you to sign up to the automatic portal AppearMe. Once you submit a request, a court reporter will get back to you in counted seconds. We have certified court professionals registered with AppearMe and your chance of getting the right person is super high.

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