New Jersey Lawyer Referral Service

All lawyers like to have many cases on the calendar. It brings the money in. But sometimes a lawyer takes on too many cases. If a lawyer has too many cases, he or she may decide to refer a case to another attorney to make sure he or she can adequately handle the remaining cases. Another reason for lawyer-to-lawyer referrals is that lawyers are not experts in all practice areas. Again, it is a good idea to refer the case to the specialist. Lawyers in New Jersey also have the right to refer cases. In that case, they can earn a referral fee provided they take joint responsibility under certain conditions. In this article, I am going to tell you about a web and mobile app that can help you find the needed attorney. But before that, let us see how it works in New Jersey and how you can get your referral fee.


Referral Fee Under New Jersey Lawyer Referral Service

New Jersey follows the Model Rules. Fee splitting is permitted as long as the referring lawyer “assumes joint responsibility”. However joint responsibility is waived when the attorney refers to another attorney who is “certified” in a given area of practice. By join responsibility, it means that the referring lawyer should take an ethical obligation that the receiving lawyer provides adequate representation and abides by the rules of professional conduct. It is also required that the division is proportionate to the services performed by each lawyer and the client is notified in writing about fee-splitting. The client needs to consent in writing to this arrangement, and the fee must be reasonable.


Use Mobile App Instead of a New Jersey Case Referral Service

Now the question is where to find the attorney. Usually, lawyers apply to case referral services that charge a nominal fee or attorney fee. We want to make a challenging statement that the time for such referrals is over! Now you can use a mobile app(App Store or Google Play) to locate the right lawyer.

Just make a request on the platform and lawyers will respond to your offer, scroll and select among the profiles of 5 or more attorneys and get connected with the selected lawyer. It may happen that you don’t want to assign the case to the lawyer after talking to him or her. No penalty! Make another request and choose among other profiles.


Sign up to AppearMe, and Your Case Referrals Will Become a Lot Easier

Signing up to AppearMe absolutely free and your case referral will become a lot easier, easier than with any case referral service! But that is not all! You can post/accept appearance attorney jobs, deposition jobs and find a court reporter when you become a user. Now leave everything aside and sign up to this revolutionary tool because you are risking to lose in competition to lawyers who are users! Why pay unnecessary fees? Why lose your time and spoil your nerves? Everything takes place in less than 2-3 minutes! Our scope of the services is not limited only to New Jersey. We are active also in California, New York, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, Florida, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona.

Sign up or contact AppearMe. But before you do that, please read our FAQs. Our staff is always available to provide the best assistance to you. Call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]!

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