AppearMe – Easy and Fast Solution to Court Reporting

When you are a busy lawyer, finding a court reporter should not consume much of your time. It must be frustrating to leave all the legal documents and witness interrogations aside and search for a court reporter. Even when a law firm manager performs this task, this should not be an issue anymore. We have an easy and fast solution to court reporting with the AppearMe app. AppearMe is designed to make your work more productive in less time.


AppearMe Offers an Easy and Fast Way to Court Reporting

Everything can happen in this life full of surprises. Your court reporter might get sick or have some family issue. When he or she calls you just a couple of hours before the trial, this may be a nightmare in the middle of the day.

We have an app for emergencies like that. AppearMe is designed in a way that you can find a court reporter even 10 minutes before the hearing. We don’t encourage you to leave everything to the last minute. You can schedule your work even a week or days in advance. What we say is that even if emergencies happen, you can count on our app.

To make your busy life of a lawyer a little less stressful, register to AppearMe to find court reporters, appearance attorneys and to refer an entire case. Registering is easier than you might think and most importantly it is absolutely free.


Register to the AppearMe App

It will take 2-3 minutes of your time to register to the portal. You need to submit simple information, and once we get your info, we will check for accuracy. If you are an attorney with an active license or a certified court reporter, you will get into the system and start posting and accepting job offers.

Once an attorney posts a job offer, court reporters will start applying. Everything happens in literally seconds. The application works on the principle of ”the first who claims, gets the job”. Therefore the court reporters are quick in their actions. You can see someone claiming even in less than 60 seconds.

If you are an attorney who needs appearance specialists, court reporters or case referrals, this application is must-have! If you are a court reporter who needs constant offers in court reporting, you will miss something in your career if you don’t register. It is absolutely free!
Therefore, we encourage all attorneys and court reporters to sign up today, and we will get back to you in a couple of hours. If any questions, please contact us!

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