Pros and Cons of a Career in Court Reporting

With thousands of options, you have decided to start a career in court reporting because someone told you, court reporters sit all day long in the court and make a lot of money! In fact, the reality isn’t far different! However, there’s so much that professional court reporters do!

They create word-for-word transcriptions during various legal proceedings, including depositions, trials, hearings, legislative meetings, etc. So, there are some skills and talents you need to possess in order to have an excellent career in court reporting!

On top of that, every job has its positive and negative sides. Court reporting isn’t an exception.

So here are some pros and cons of working as a court reporter that will help you understand if court reporting is right for you!

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The Positive Sides of a Career in Court Reporting


Get a Degree in Court Reporting in Relatively Short Time!

Are you a kind of person who dreams of earning a degree in a much shorter time and get a high-paying job? Well, we have great news for you!

You can get a certificate or an associate’s degree in court reporting without spending four or more years at a college or university.

Today, many court reporting schools offer training or certificate programs that can be completed in two years or less.

But that’s not all! If you have a permanent job or a family (or both) and won’t be able to spend hours in a classroom, you can choose an online program and earn the same degree in 12 months!


Earn Six Figures – Become a Court Reporter!

For most job seekers salary is the key factor when choosing a career! If you are among such job seekers, consider starting a career in court reporting!

The average salary of court reporters is from around $48,000 up to $64,000. It goes without saying that this salary may vary depending on your education, certifications, additional skills and experience.

So, if you work smart and become indispensable in the workplace you can get a six-figure salary like top earning court reporters and enjoy the finer things in life!


A Special Appearance App Will Help You Always Have a Sense of Job Security!

Many employees live with the fear they might lose a job at some point in their life. If this sounds like you, it’s a good idea to start looking for a new in-demand job!

Court reporters, for example, are always in high demand as they are required for most legal proceedings. So, if you are qualified, you will certainly find a job anywhere in the United States.

Most likely you will send your up-to-date resume and cover letter to potential employers and wait to hear back from them! But how long should you wait? Actually, you shouldn’t as AppearMe, an awesome web and mobile app will help you find a job in court reporting within minutes!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? So, download the AppearMe app from App Store or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet or simply sign up to AppearMe on the web. Next, fill out some information, including your license number and type and finally specify “Court Reporter” under the user type.

AppearMe will verify and check the license info submitted by you. Once verified you will become a user of AppearMe and accept as many job assignments as you wish!

We are sure, from now on you will find yourself using AppearMe quite often and will always have a sense of job security!


Now, the Negative Sides!


Like it or Not, Your New Sit-Down Job Isn’t Good for Your Health!

Software developers, school bus drivers, accountants, lawyers…

You may wonder what connects the specialists above! It’s simple! All of them sit pretty much all day!

Court reporters also sit for long periods editing and proofreading transcripts until a final and accurate transcript is done.

Sitting in the same position all day long is certainly one of the worst things for our health. Scary, right? So, if you are a type of person who does not want to sit for long periods, you better get out of your chair, walk, ride your bike and think of another job!


Never-Ending Working Hours!

Many people choose to become a court reporter because of flexible working hours! They think they will work whenever they want and will find time to help kids with homework, go to the gym, play board games, learn something new, have a candle-light dinner, etc.

In fact, this is true for those who work in the courtrooms which are open during regular business hours. However, depositions can take place during early morning or late evening hours and last more than 5 hours!

Ugh! Again, you will need to readjust your schedule and forget about candle-light dinners, spending time with kids and friends!


Let’s Be Frank! Career in Court Reporting is Difficult!

A day in the life of a court reporter usually includes long working hours, multitasking, and tight deadlines. And you are always expected to be detail oriented, accurate and extremely dedicated to your job.

Additionally, you must have excellent listening, writing, typing, concentration skills and most importantly be familiar with digital recording equipment.

Finally, you may need to pass a test to get a license since many states require court reporters who work in legal settings to be licensed or certified by a professional association.

In other words, a career in court reporting is difficult! No, not just difficult, but very difficult. It requires skills that not everybody can achieve.

Now, go and make a decision! And remember, despite all the difficulties, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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