It Has Never Been Easier to Find a Court Reporter in Nevada

Being a court reporter in Nevada is a rewarding job. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage of a court reporter in Nevada is $55,440. This means that court reporters may get less or more than $55,440 depending on their qualification and skills. Given the attractive wage of court reporters, a lot of people have an interest in the work as a court reporter. But not everyone knows how easy it is now to find an additional job for a court reporter in Nevada.


A Court Reporter in Nevada Can Now Use Automatic Application to Find Jobs

A lot of court reporters in Nevada already use AppearMe to find jobs in court reporting. Why would they do that? Simple! Because they get offers every day, even several times a day!
Moreover, everything from scheduling to payment is done through the automatic application. They just love the ease and efficiency of the application. But there is one but… You must be certified.


Only Certified Court Reporters Are Users of AppearMe

As you may know, court reporters in Nevada must be licensed and certified. The certification and licensing agency in Nevada is the State Board of Certified Court Reporters. These professionals must also have an associate’s degree or certificate in court reporting before they apply for licensing.

When court reporters apply to AppearMe for registration, they must supply license number and type. The AppearMe staff checks this information, and if the info is correct, the professional gets into the system and can receive job offers. If your info is incomplete or incorrect, we will reject your account.


How Does It Work?

There are thousands of attorneys registered in the state of Nevada with AppearMe. They post job offers regarding court reporting almost every day. When they submit an offer, it goes to all court reporters registered in the portal. These professionals receive emails and push notifications on their mobiles. The first professional who commits to the offer gets the job. Easy like that!

Now what? Go ahead cover the assignment and submit the transcript. Once you submit and close the assignment, the system automatically transfers your payment to the bank account registered with AppearMe. It will be in your account in a couple of hours after the processing bank completes the transaction.


Go Ahead, Sign up!

Since signing up costs nothing out of your pocket, you are on the winning side. You will have a tool that you can use when needed. You may want to accept multiple job offers, or you may want to stay idle for days. It’s up to you!

Go ahead, sign up today! If any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff.

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