How to Get the Most Out of Technology at Your Next Deposition?

No lawyer can do business in today’s industry without gadgets and computers, various software and apps. Today lawyers manage their cases, documents, accounting, record keeping, time tracking and more with the help of various software. To fall behind the technology means to lose in the competition which is tough at today’s legal world. To help you catch up with today’s trends, I offer you to use technology for your next deposition. How can you do that?


Use Technology to Hire a Deposition Attorney with AppearMe

You think that you can manage everything, but you come down to earth after a couple of years of legal practice. Hiring a deposition attorney is an essential aspect of legal business – you want it or not. So why not use a legal app to hire an attorney who can do the job for you?

AppearMe is a web and mobile app(App Store and Google Play) that helps attorneys to find an appearance attorney, a deposition attorney and a court reporter. Here is what this app can do for you:


  •         Help you post announcements and find a deposition attorney
  •         Process payment via the set system
  •         Get a full report and pay immediately.


Request making takes 2-3 minutes of your time. Attorneys react in an average of 60 seconds. They cover the assignment and submit a brief report. The payment is per match and is processed only when an attorney claims for your deposition request.


Deposition: Make Payment and Invoicing Automatic

AppearMe is a 100% automatic app, including payment and invoicing. When one of the attorneys accepts your offer, the system automatically charges the fee from your account registered with AppearMe only once for that specific order (for more info see the payment section of our help page).


Get Paid Immediately

The deposition attorneys receive the payment on their bank account immediately upon accepting the offer. When you become a user of the app, you might think as well about accepting deposition and court appearance jobs. Why not earn an extra $75 just for stepping in next door at a courthouse? We have thousands of lawyers registered in 7 different states – New York, California, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Texas. They post and accept jobs every day. You may get job offers in a number that may surprise you.


Contact AppearMe for More Info

If this is an offer that interests you, you may have questions about how it works. Visit our help page or contact our 24/7 online team to help you get started with this legal app. Never let technology get ahead of you! Sign up now and see how awesome this app is.

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