Tips for Taking an Out-of-State Deposition

If you find a witness that resides in another state, you may be wondering how you are going to take a deposition from that witness that may have crucial information for the case. You may face two questions: how are you going to get the witness to appear? Where to find a deposition attorney in another state?


How Are You Going to Get the Witness To Appear?

In some cases, the witness may just consent to the deposition. In such a case, you don’t need a subpoena. But to be on the safe side, you probably need to serve a subpoena. In case the witness changes his or her mind, you will be liable for all the costs, including the opposition attorney costs. So, serving a subpoena is a right move.

After you find out which county the witness resides, find out the website for the local court. From there, you can find out the phone number of the clerk of the court and learn about the regulations of that specific state for serving the subpoena. You may even find information on the website of the local court.

Some states require that you hire a local counsel to open up a case in the local court. In that case, you may need to pay a fee for filing a case plus local counsel’s attorney’s fees. You may need a caption page with an affidavit, a caption page with a motion asking the court to issue the subpoena. In some cases, you may need a letter regulatory from your state, which is a letter from the court of your state addressed to the court of deponent’s state asking the court to issue a subpoena. The rules differ in different states. Be sure to know about the rules and the best person to ask is the court clerk.


Where to Find a Deposition Attorney?

In case you have no right to conduct a deposition in another jurisdiction, you may need a deposition attorney in that jurisdiction. You have multiple ways of finding a deposition attorney, including searching legal directories or asking the bar associations.

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If you need a deposition attorney in any of these 10 states, you need to submit a request on the mobile and web application, and an attorney from that state will immediately respond. It normally takes 60 seconds for an attorney to claim to your deposition request. You can communicate with the attorney through the application, on the phone or by email.

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