Your Referral Agreement When you Refer a Case

It is great when attorneys enter into mutually beneficial agreements. Sometimes a lawyer may decide that it is in the interests of the client if he or she passes the case to another attorney who has more expertise in the specific field. In this case, it is a requirement that you have a referral agreement or fee-splitting agreement with the referred attorney.

There are other requirements which the referring attorney must meet to collect a referral fee. For example, the client must be informed about the attorney’s intention to split the fee and consent to it. The fee must be reasonable and the work must be proportionate to the job performed.

This last matter is settled differently in different states. For example, Massachusetts, California, and Texas do not require that the work must be proportionate to the work the lawyer performed. This means that in these states lawyers can be paid referral fees even when they perform no job.


What Should a Referral Agreement Cover When you Refer a Case?

Your referral agreement must cover several points to comply with bar regulations. The following is a list of items to be included in the referral agreement.

  • A confirmation that the client has been informed and has no obligation to accept the referral
  • The reasons for referral
  • Full and fair disclosure of the relationship between the referring lawyer and the one who gets the referral
  • Full and fair disclosure of the referral fee, including how that fee is determined and under what circumstances it is payable
  • Confirmation that the referral fee will not be paid unless the fee for the legal services is paid.


Does a Referral Service Agency Charge Fee? We Found One that Doesn’t!

It depends. Some referral services agencies charge money. Others, don’t. But in most cases, you will pay an attorney consultation fee.

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