Disclosure to a Client When Referring a Case

An attorney who is unable to represent a prospective client owing to a conflict of interest, lack of competence or for any other reason is ethically permitted to refer the prospective client to another attorney who is competent in the field. But there are a number of points to take into consideration in doing that. First, there should be no conflict of interest. Second, the attorney must act in good faith towards the prospective client. Third, the attorney must abide by the rules governing referral agreements and fees. Finally, the attorney has a duty of disclosure to the prospective client when referring a case. In this article, we will elaborate more on the last point.


Disclosure to a Client

The referring lawyer and the receiving lawyer both have fiduciary duties to the referred client. First and foremost, the referral must be in the client’s best interest, and the referring attorney must act in good faith.

There is one point to be clear about. It is the client who decides who to retain. To do that, he or she must have relevant information about the attorneys and the reasons for referral, including the referral fees. He or she must be clearly explained that they have no obligation to accept the referral.

The following must be communicated in writing to the client:

  • Reasons for referral
  • Referral fee and the circumstances under which it is paid
  • The basis upon which the referral fee is determined
  • A statement that the client has no obligation to accept the referral and is free to retain a lawyer other than the one to who he or she is referred
  • The relationship between the referring lawyer and the receiving lawyer.

The attorney is free to refer a case upon written confirmation of the client that he or she agrees to the representation by another client.


Where to Find an Attorney when Referring a Case

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