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Yes! The Free App Helps Attorneys To Find A Lending Hand

Not every situation will be easy for a lawyer. You may have tough deadlines, a court appearance you cannot attend or a family emergency that […]


Never Been Easier: Find a Court Appearance Attorney in Texas

Ever thought you could find a court appearance attorney in a minute? Now it’s possible with the AppearMe App. The new technology has disrupted the […]


Lawyer’s 5-Hour Work Week

How many hours do lawyers work? And how many hours of these are billable and how many are unbillable hours? Some lawyers do work 40 […]


Court Appearance in Texas, New York, Nevada and California

If you are one of the lawyers that have gone through the annoying process of finding a court appearance attorney through agencies or friend recommendations, […]


Defending a Deposition

Some lawyers say cases are won or lost during the discovery. Depositions are important for the success of the case. The role of the attorney […]


7 Qualities Every Good Lawyer Should Have

A law degree is not a passport to a successful legal career anymore. Lawyers should possess skills that will help them advance in the career […]


Find an Attorney Who Appears and Covers Your Court Proceedings

Finding an attorney who appears and covers your court proceedings may be nerve-wracking if you rely on traditional ways of locating the attorney. You may […]


The Free App Which Will Help You Find an Appearance Attorney

Attorneys need to appear to all hearings. But, sometimes they have a busy schedule and too many court dates and need to find an appearance […]


Need someone to cover your appearance? Read this!

Whether in New York, California, Texas or Nevada, attorneys are in an advantageous position now. They can do their things while other attorneys take care […]


Court Appearance Jobs that Never End

Do you want to have access to an unlimited number of court appearance jobs? If the answer is yes, then AppearMe web and mobile app […]

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