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Appearance Attorney will Put You at Ease

The profession of an attorney is one of the most sought-after and rewarding careers in the world. Even so, every good thing comes with a […]


Appearance Attorneys in Nevada Step in When You Can’t

Attorneys of record have a reputation of working long hours, attending an unimaginable number of court hearings and meeting tight deadlines. Many lawyers outsource some […]


Court Appearances with Contract Attorneys

Court appearances with contract attorneys have become part of the legal business. A lot of lawyers realize that it is more reasonable to hire an […]


Attorneys on Call – AppearMe is Here to Help

A lot of lawyers face situations when they need to outsource some work. They may need to do so due to a high level of […]


Find a Special Appearance Lawyer Near your Courthouse

One of the problems of special appearance lawyers is that the assignments are at a far away location. It takes time and money to travel […]


Find Appearance Attorneys with AppearMe

I want to tell you the story of AppearMe, a web and mobile app that has revolutionized the way appearance attorneys are hired. We are […]


Appearance Attorney Job: is it Worthwhile?

Some attorneys are reluctant to take court appearance jobs. They think that it is for novice attorneys or those who cannot find a decent job. […]


Appearance Attorneys-the Legal Emergency of the 21st Century

Being a good attorney is not a piece of cake. Normally, the experienced and highly professional attorneys are overburdened with numerous important tasks, such as […]


Freelance Lawyers – the New Call of the Millennium

Freelancing has become a call of the new millennium. Freelancers Union data suggest that 35 percent of the U.S. workforce or 55 million people were […]


Stuck in a Courthouse? Make an Extra $60 to $150!

Have you ever thought you can make an extra $60 to $150 while stuck in a courthouse? Do you have free hours to spend in […]

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