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Appearance Attorney on Call – More Than Occasional Job

In the 21st century, looming deadlines and demanding clients are no longer an issue when you are using AppearMe, an awesome web and mobile application […]


The Service of Attorneys to Go is Affordable Through AppearMe

New apps are popping up every day, but some stand out. AppearMe is one of those! It has been designed specifically to help busy lawyers […]


Gain Experience with AppearMe as an Appearance Attorney

AppearMe will make the process of finding an appearance attorney as effortless as possible. With our website or the mobile apps, you can find an […]


AppearMe vs the Traditional Way of Hiring an Appearance Attorney

If you are a lawyer, there’s a good chance sometimes you need to find an appearance attorney to cover a hearing on your behalf. However, […]


Try Legal Outsourcing to Achieve Your Law Practice Goals

You are a lawyer and your day-to-day duties include providing legal advice and guidance, writing contracts, meeting clients, attending court appearances, researching case studies, representing […]


7 Reasons Why You Should Search for a Deposition Attorney Through AppearMe

Today the legal industry has witnessed a major shift in work relations. Lawyers are contracted in almost all practice areas of law. Contract attorneys are […]


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Find a Deposition Attorney in Nevada

It’s winter… The temperature is around 0C and you don’t have any wish to get back to work in this snowy and cold weather. The only […]


3 Ways to Prepare for Your Deposition

Depositions are not like having a friendly conversation around a breakfast table! They’re fact-finding missions similar to testifying in court. So it’s essentially important to […]


It’s a Great Time to Be an Appearance Attorney

Whether you want to create your own work schedule, bring in more money or just make the best possible use of your time (or all […]


Freelance Court Reporter Jobs with AppearMe

Are you tired of long working hours? Do you want to start a career as a freelance court reporter and still make as much as […]

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