Attorney Case Referral

Refer a Case in Salem Without Paying the Agency

If you ever tried to refer a case in Salem, most probably you applied to agencies that charged you either a percentage or a fixed […]


Chicago Attorneys Refer Cases with AppearMe

How do Chicago attorneys usually refer cases? Most likely they search “case referral service in Chicago” on Google. Well. Not always. There’s another option that’s […]


AppearMe is in Miami! Court Coverage and Case Referrals Are Easy Now

Hey Miamians, when was the last time you took a day off and enjoyed the sandy shores and picture-perfect beaches in the “Magic City”? Let […]


AppearMe – the First Ever Attorney to Attorney Referral Service

We all know there are a million ways to refer a case to another attorney when we either can’t handle a particular case or are […]


Don’t Look Anywhere Else If You Are in Search of a Lawyer Referral Service in Illinois

In some cases, it is advantageous or even necessary to refer a case to another attorney. This happens when there is a conflict of interest, […]


Attorney Referral Service Alternative in Nevada

Do you know that there is an attorney referral service alternative in Nevada? We are talking about a mobile(App Store or Google Play) and web app that […]


Refer a Case in California With a Click Using This App

Attorney referrals are a common practice in California. Lawyers exchange jobs and earn a percentage of the attorney fee without declining the offer all in […]


Your Referral Agreement When you Refer a Case

It is great when attorneys enter into mutually beneficial agreements. Sometimes a lawyer may decide that it is in the interests of the client if […]


Disclosure to a Client When Referring a Case

An attorney who is unable to represent a prospective client owing to a conflict of interest, lack of competence or for any other reason is […]


Discover a New App to Refer Cases and Track Your Referral Fees

Not every lawyer can handle all cases on their desk, so referrals are an important part of the legal business. Lawyers refer cases because they […]

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