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Freelance Attorneys Make More Money with AppearMe

Affidavits and reports! Answering Interrogatories! And what not! Up to $1200 flat rate! Wouldn’t you go for it? Freelance attorneys make more money with AppearMe […]


AppearMe – Unlimited Possibilities for Freelance Attorneys

You’ve probably spent lots of time reading through job postings and filling out a bunch of applications… am I right? But still, you’re hearing nothing […]


Get More Freelance Legal Work With This Legal Application

With all the layoffs and uncertainty in the legal industry, a lot of lawyers leverage their existing skills and knowledge to build up a freelance […]


Build a Freelance Attorney Career You’ll Love With AppearMe

I’ve been working as a freelance attorney for three years, but only recently I’ve started falling in love with my freelance career. Now many of […]


Skip Unnecessary Job Interviews! Get Hired as a Freelance Attorney Instantly

Ever been asked, “tell me about yourself” or even “why should we hire you?” Sometimes even with a huge baggage of experience, you don’t know […]


7 Best Resources for Becoming a Freelance Lawyer

Excited about flexible work and being your own boss? Then freelancing could be it! It may seem a bit confusing at the beginning since you […]


Get Freelance Attorney Jobs Without the Red Tape! Hire Instantly!

Who likes bureaucratic rules that take away time and create unnecessary barriers for quick action? In this digital age, it’s time to bypass such formalities […]


AppearMe Now Connects Freelance Attorneys and Law Firms

Helping Attorneys Skyrocket Their Revenue with Zero Unnecessary Overhead The fastest growing legal tech startup and the largest real time network of attorneys launches its […]


5 Tips to Make Legal Freelancing a Source of Steady Income for Attorneys on Demand

Thinking about legal freelancing? A lot of attorneys on demand have taken this path for a good reason. They do work on their own terms […]


Earning Money as a Freelance Lawyer in the Modern Economy

Are you looking for a change in your law career? Do you want to make extra money and explore new opportunities? If so, why not […]

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