The One Minute Court Appearance Deal

If you are a legal professional, chances are your day consists of the court appearance, deadlines, meetings with clients, phone calls, research, etc. But be […]


If You Are Having Trouble Finding an Appearance Attorney, Read This!

All lawyers need assistance in court appearance from time to time. Some lawyers even take unbelievable efforts to appear in court in order not to […]


Refer a Case in Texas and Earn Referral Fee

You might know that you can refer a case to a fellow attorney an earn referral fee. What you might not know is that you […]


Today’s Demand for Appearance Attorneys is the Highest Than Ever Before

The profession of court appearance attorneys is becoming more and more popular. The legal business poses demands for outsourcing due to the high volume of […]


Why not Refer a Case when You Can Earn Referral Fees?

If you are not an authorized user of AppearMe, we encourage you to join the application now. In addition to posting unlimited court appearance jobs, […]


Attorneys on Demand a Click Away Whenever You Need Them

If you ever need attorneys on demand and in real time, AppearMe is the right way to go and here is why.   You can […]


Need a Deposition Attorney? Find One in Less than a Minute

There are several ways to find a deposition attorney you need. You may refer to a friend, call an agency or search in lawyers’ directories. […]


Who Else Wants to Find a Deposition Attorney in Less than a Minute?

Many attorneys already don’t go through the hassle of finding a deposition attorney. They know a way which is easier and more efficient. If you […]


Attorney Tips For Legal Depositions

When it comes to giving great legal depositions, you get to two basic things – prepare yourself and prepare your witness. If you are good […]


How Does a Lawyer Prepare to Take a Deposition?

We all know that the deposition needs a good preparation phase. As it is often said, “the law is made on a lawyer’s desk.” This […]

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